Are we wired for inner peace?

inner peace

“I whole-heartedly believe that the feeling of deep inner peace is neurological circuitry located in our right brain.” Jill Bolte TaylorIt’s odd to think that we have essentially two brains co-existing in our heads. The right and left hemispheres have independent functions and areas of specialization, and yet they work together for most complex tasks. […]

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5 ways compassion is good for your health & well-being

compassion meditation

While mindfulness meditation is my go-to approach for whole brain living (just love that body scan), there’s another type of meditation that research is showing to be quite powerful: Compassion meditation, also known as Metta meditation, comes to us from the Buddhist tradition. Metta is ancient Pali word that has many meanings including compassion, benevolence […]

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FREE Intuitive MoJo Journaling Presentation in the Boston Area

Intuitive MoJo

Come to a FREE presentation and learn all about how you can use this innovative approach to making better decisions about your career, relationships and life.Reserve your spot for free at​

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Mixed-Media Journaling–Intuitive MoJo

mixed-media journaling

In my quest to find ways to use my whole brain for making those big decisions about career, relationships and life, I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve also done a lot of research to make sure I wasn’t just wasting my time. Meditation and journaling are truly amazing tools for personal transformation. Even though […]

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Journaling–Secret Technique to Using Your Whole Brain


“The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe.” –Sir David Hare Click to Tweet Journaling is one of the most powerful ways we have to access our inner intuitive guide. Writing down thoughts in a diary has been popular for centuries. Jane Austen mentions it in Northanger Abbey well before brain […]

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How to Meditate When You Don’t Have the Time

meditate in nature

You’ve heard about all the benefits of meditation and you want in, but there’s one problem: You simply can’t find the time. Maybe in the morning you’re rushing to make the kids’ lunches and get them off to school on time and then to work. Or maybe you get up early to rush to the […]

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#1 Meditation Technique That Can Change Your Life


Meditation. It seems that every day we read about another study that shows how powerful it can be. Besides reducing stress and anxiety and improving depression, physical health and the immune system, it can also help you embrace whole brain living. People who meditate create new neural networks involving different regions of the brain. Thinking with […]

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Meditation Will Change Your Mind…Literally


Meditation may be the single most powerful tool you have to transform your life. And it’s free. It doesn’t get better than that. You may be asking “why?” What’s so great about meditation? It’s boring. It’s time consuming. There are lots of reason not to meditate, but I’d like to give you a few reasons […]

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Don’t Be a Half Brain–Use Your Whole Brain

half brain whole brain decisions

Don’t be a half brain. Though most of us act like we are. Why? Because we only use part of our brains. We need to start using the whole brain. I’m not talking about the old saying that says we only use 20% of our brains, that’s long been debunked. But the truth is, we are […]

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The Left Brain Says the Darnedest Things!

Left brain, right brain

Are you in your right mind?Recently I wrote about how we, as a society, overemphasize left brain thinking making us all lopsided thinkers. What’s the big deal,  you ask? The left hemisphere of the brain is where verbal skills and logical thinking are centered. We have been so obsessed with left brain thinking that even brain researchers […]

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